Any kind of experiences with Protocol Buffers?

I was simply browsing some details concerning Google's protocol buffers information interchange layout. Has any person experimented with the code or perhaps developed a task around it?

I'm presently making use of XML in a Python task for organized web content developed by hand in a full-screen editor, and also I was questioning what the basic point of view got on Protocol Buffers as a user-facing input layout. The rate and also brevity advantages most definitely appear to be there, yet there are numerous variables when it involves in fact creating and also refining the information.

2019-05-03 18:07:42
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Protocol buffers are planned to maximize interactions in between equipments. They are actually not planned for human communication. Additionally, the layout is binary, so it can not change XML because usage instance.

I would certainly additionally advise JSON as being one of the most portable message - based layout.

2019-05-22 12:52:48

If you are seeking customer encountering communication, stick to xml. It has even more assistance, understanding, and also basic approval presently. If it's inner, I would certainly claim that protocol buffers are a wonderful suggestion.

Possibly in a couple of years as even more devices appear to sustain protocol buffers, after that start looking in the direction of that for a public encountering api. Till after that ... JSON?

2019-05-07 18:09:56