Just how can I place a Twitter "tweet" in my Blog

Presently I assume I would certainly simply screen fired a preferred tweet from @aplusk or somebody else I am attempting to reference yet

  1. I am constantly stuck to chopping
  2. Individuals claim I can have "photoshopped" it and also it is unreal
  3. I need to link the tweet link to the photo yet any kind of web links inside the photo I can not link.

Exists something an application or a Plugin that I can simply position it "live" right into my Blog (so it reveals similar to on Twitter)?

2019-05-04 02:05:24
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As much as I recognize, there's additionally a Twitter - internet application you can locate using their website, that permits you to install a customer - details timeline using html. It's not fixed, given that it's primarily simply a small timeline window, yet it sure looks real and also non - photoshopped :)


Now I additionally located the Link :)

(Scroll down on the Twitter major web page and also seek "rewards" in the footer.)

2019-05-10 10:37:39

Blackbird Pie (currently obsolete ) made use of to do specifically what you are seeking : merely paste the URL of any kind of tweet right into the kind on that web page and also it will certainly create fixed HTML that you can install right into your blog.

You can currently install straight using the Twitter UI by clicking "Embed this Tweet"

There is in addition a Wordpress specific plugin along with a Google Chrome extension for making use of Blackbird Pie.

2019-05-07 18:01:47