Tutorial on customer and also team monitoring in Linux?

Exists an excellent tutorial around on just how to do customer and also team monitoring in Linux?

As an example in Ubuntu; I've been searching for just how to modify GECOS details concerning each customer on command line, yet there is no male web page concerning it.

2019-05-06 22:40:55
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This isn't one of the most expensive means of doing points, yet I primarily simply make use of VI when editing and enhancing these points. Certainly, I make use of useradd to create a customer. Yet after that I'll make use of vi to make adjustments.

For Ubuntu, I located a reference on just how to take care of customers.

I do not recognize if Ubuntu has this command, yet in Red Hat/Fedora and also relevant circulations, there is a command system-config-users which is rather self - informative.

2019-05-11 22:36:07