What are some use-cases for FireFox|Chrome-to-Phone?

According to FoxToPhone (presumable, ChrometoPhone is comparable)

you can

  • Send existing web page with address bar switch
  • Right click any kind of link/image to send to your Android phone
  • Highlight any kind of message and also appropriate click to send to the clipboard in your phone (Max. 1024 chars)
  • Click market:, smsto: and also tel: web links to open them in your phone
  • Most importantly it's free and also open resource

mmmmm. wonderful. Okay. It's mounted in FireFox and also on my phone. I highlight message, right-click, send to phone. Blammo! It's on my phone's clipboard!

Yet ... what are the usages for this? WHEN does any person require to send a block of message TO THE PHONE'S CLIPBOARD?

If anything, I would certainly desire this vice versa-- when surfing a web page in Dolphin, I would certainly instead read know my desktop computer later on, or something.

What do y' all utilize this for?

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2019-05-06 22:48:47
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In my instance gmail is filteringed system at the workplace.

So to send an e-mail I just have my mobile as an alternative. I type up the e-mail on the desktop computer and also usage foxtophone to place it on the clipboard. Defeats scratching it out on the touchscreen!

2019-05-30 17:03:27

Chrome to Phone additionally permits you to send contact number to your tool. Highlight the contact number, click the Chrome to Phone expansion switch, and also wham, it's open in the dialer on your tool. Actually convenient when you've been looking into organisations on-line and also currently intend to call among them.

I'm not exactly sure if FoxToPhone sustains this also.

2019-05-09 09:47:11

Installing new applications. I have a Firefox search phrase book mark to androlib.com, so if I intend to install an application, I simply type as an example "al newsrob", which begins a search question on AndroLib, after that select among the hits, and also click the marketplace :// link there. Chrome2Phone on the tool after that releases this URL in the internet browser, which quickly creates the marketplace installer for that application to show up.

2019-05-09 09:41:27

You can additionally type "tel :12345" right into your internet browser's address bar (FoxToPhone, not exactly sure concerning Chrome2Phone) to make the tool existing the dial screen with that said number currently got in, so you simply need to select it up.

(No, I do not in fact make use of that, yet it's a wonderful demo. ;))

2019-05-09 09:40:52

I can consider one unpleasant block of message off the top of my head : your bit.ly key that you need to give to 3rd event applications (i.e. Twitter customers). It's like a 20+arbitrary personality string. So any kind of various other lengthy "key" like string would certainly be an excellent factor to blast it from your desktop computer.

Photos : possibly you located a trendy photo for a desktop computer history?

2019-05-08 19:41:06

Maps. Establishing instructions and also detours in Google Maps is a lot easier with a complete - fledged internet customer. After that, when I have what I require, I can send it to my phone.

2019-05-08 19:39:57