Given that 10.04 the laptop computer's extensive display reveals a shaky/waving photo

My laptop computer is a "Lenovo T60p" with an ATI video card and also it made use of to function great on 9.10.

The exterior display functions after complete cycle of Function+ Monitorkeys pushing, yet the expanded is not functioning effectively.

Anything I should attempt?

2019-05-06 22:49:13
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Seems to be a KMS concern. See :

In brief, add this to your kernel command (examination it by holding left - control on boot, modify the command by pushing whichever key it claims, control+x too) :

radeon.modeset=0 vga=771

If you currently have a vga command therein, change it.

If that jobs, that validates you're enduring this bug. It's dealt with effectively in later bits (2.6.34 and also 2.6.35 need to both job) so you're left in a placement where you either use the kernel run debates or you update kernel.

The bright side is this need to be dealt with by 10.10 ... But that recognizes what pests it'll present!

2019-05-08 19:50:10