Making use of ADVERTISEMENT to obstruct accessibility to particular internet sites in between particular times

Exists a manner in which ADVERTISEMENT can be made use of to obstruct accessibility to particular internet sites (e.g. Facebook) in between particular times? Preferably I would certainly such as to just to be readily available at (claim) lunches.

(I can cope with the reality that a person can function around it making use of a proxy ... a lot of my customers will not recognize just how to do that)

Many thanks

2019-05-06 22:53:44
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In a word, no. ADVERTISEMENT has no communication with the customers surfing experience, internet website traffic is routed via your proxy if you have one, after that your portal therefore it goes to these factors you would certainly require to filter the website traffic. ADVERTISEMENT is made use of to confirm customers, confirm the customers accessibility civil liberties for sources and also can be made use of to stop the customer accessing the net in all by obstructing accessibility to surfing applications, or routing to a non - existant proxy, yet it can not filter websites.

2019-05-08 19:43:57