Should I defrag my RAID quantities?

It appears to me that given that RAID quantities are sensible (in contrast to physical), the format that the OS thinks they have could not represent the real phsyical format.

So does defrag make good sense for RAID?

2019-05-06 22:55:02
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Yes it does. Whatever RAID degree you're running, you might still be influenced by fragmentation (unless you're running SAN remedies like NetApp with their WAFL format).

RAID1 is simply a mirror of the fragmentation on both drives. RAID0 is simply dividing fragmented documents up on 2 drives. RAID5, 10, etc

2019-05-08 21:31:26


  1. It is not likely you will certainly access the data on the drive in a straight style.
  2. The data is dispersed throughout numerous drives so there is no "start" or "end" or "starting".
  3. Creates are VERY pricey on the "regular" RAID 5 array. Also on various other RAID layouts your consuming power & CPU.
  4. Virtually difficult to confirm that defragging DOES in fact boost performance.

Yes, on a desktop computer COMPUTER with a solitary drive. Web servers? Unworthy the initiative.

2019-05-08 21:26:43

Yes, defrag does still make good sense for RAID. While it's real that the format the OS sees isn't the like the physical format, it's monotonic, ie the digital fields remain in the very same order on the disk as they get on the array, it's simply they are spread throughout disks.

Additionally, the RAID controller will certainly make use of anticipating caching (if it has it) based upon an understanding of the array format, to make sure that will certainly function far better if you have defrag.

The only time you do not require to defrag is if the underlying storage tool is arbitrary accessibility, so do not defrag your USB key, and also do not defrag an SSD.

2019-05-08 21:22:33