Xterm is not entirely getting rid of area lines

We are running Windows Clients with Cygwin XServer that has a celebration manuscript application working on AIX Unix. We have a login manuscript making use of anticipate to ssh right into the web server and afterwards xterm to create the customer terminal.

This is functioning penalty other than on any kind of kind screen, after the areas are upgraded and also the ______ line is gotten rid of a solitary . is left at the end

I attempted various typefaces and also dimensions yet whatever I do, that solitary . is left after the line is gotten rid of.

Any kind of suggestions?

2019-05-06 22:55:35
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In anticipate you can clear the screen making use of the raw vt100 regulates :

puts -nonewline \033\[2J 
flush stdout

That was the remedy to my question on stackoverflow. Probably it can aid you.

An instance of establishing an interact "hook" right into the anticipate manuscript on your generated ssh session could look something similar to this :

spawn ssh -Y [email protected]
#password sequence...
set CTRLA \001
#don't time out
set timeout -1 
interact {
    $CTRLA {
        #clear screen
        puts \033\[2J

Then just if you struck that Ctrl+A keystroke do you send the clear command. You can additionally connect after that do something about it on seeing a particular area or personality on screen.

-o -nobuffer -re {(\[1;14H} {
    #clear screen
    puts \033\[2J
2019-05-08 19:51:30