Accumulated old blog information right into a new blog writing solution

Throughout years, I have actually taken care of to create blog sites on several websites: Xanga, LJ, and also Myspace. Just how can one deal with taking the information from these solutions and also relocate to a new solution, ie Blogspot (which might not also be that new)

2019-05-06 22:58:46
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Assuming there is no typical export documents from your old blog, and also an import regimen in the new blog system that can collaborate with it, the only suggestion I can consider is obtaining the old blog sites RSS feed (thinking you can make it offer an RSS of all the blog posts, something that is not constantly feasible). You will certainly shed all your remarks BTW.

I recognize that WordPress (the self - organized variation, that is has a system (the plugin FeedWordPress) that will certainly permit you to import an RSS feed right into a new WordPress blog.

After that from there on you can export the WordPress documents right into one of the most usual system that exists today.

A great deal of benefit you ...

Good good luck, Tal

2019-05-08 19:04:37

There are no basic regulations for doing this. It is done in the hands of the blog system programmers, blog system fans or in your own.

As an example, if your target blog is Wordpress, you can have a look at this web page : Wordpress ยป Importing Content.

Consequently is actually vital to pick meticulously the system where you intend to launch a new blog.

2019-05-08 19:02:05