Debugging OpenOffice collisions

This is partially an OpenOffice inquiry and also partially a Ubuntu inquiry. I'm running OpenOffice 3.2.0 and also Ubuntu 10.04. I get constant collisions of OO, specifically the Calc application, although I get collisions in words cpu too. They are really sudden and also comes with by no caution or mistake message. I'm simply keying away and afterwards the application is gone. Occasionally I also wind up assuming I'm keying in OO and also uncover that OO has actually collapsed and also I'm keying in whatever application was under OO. Nonetheless, I can not duplicate these collisions as needed. They appear arbitrary. I can open the very same documents and also do the very same specific point yet it does not crash.

In Ubuntu just how do I trace, track, or detect these sorts of collisions? Exists software program I can invoke to aid detect? Can I start OO from a command motivate with debugging of some type made it possible for?

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2019-05-06 23:01:50
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Here are the debugging treatments for Ubuntu. Here are the ones certain for OpenOffice. Among the first points to do, is to install the dbg packages, given that they permit correct pile traces.

2019-05-08 19:50:26