Is it regular for it to take hrs to delete a Time Capsule "sparsebundle"

I'm attempting to make area on my time capsule to make back-ups (it presently informs me it's complete).

I obtained aid in this question with just how to delete specific back-ups, yet it really did not address the trouble. Also after I would certainly removed all the back-ups Time Machine sees, I still have a ~ 700GB sparsebundle on the moment capsule.

So, I'm attempting to by hand delete it, yet it does not seem making progression. I had this for concerning a hr:

and afterwards it switched over to this:

I understand that could appear like progression, yet keep in mind the absence of blue filling out the progression bar. It's resembled that for hrs currently.

Is this regular? Exists a far better means?

Keep in mind that I actually do not intend to reformat the TC due to the fact that I have various other documents that I've by hand conserved there, plus my better half's TC back-ups.

MODIFY: Absolutely nothing was taking place. It was evidently way too much for Wifi. As soon as I attached using ethernet, I had the ability to delete, yet it took the lion's share of a day.

2019-05-04 02:10:25
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It is in theory feasible if the drive is near complete that a delete procedure might take a great deal of time. You can attempt to delete the documents using the command line, which bypasses the Finder and also does it the Unix means.

Regardless there has to be disk drive task throughout the procedure. If the drive is not making any kind of sound or light, after that it's refraining anything which's bad. Yet hold your horses.

2019-05-09 05:58:07