What is the style of Mac OS X's windowing system?

I know with just how the X11 system functions, where customers connect using an outlet to the web server process and also send procedures to the window web server to execute particular procedures on their part.

Yet I do not recognize (and also I can not locate excellent records) defining just how a GUI application connects with the window system on Mac OS X. Several of the inquiries that I have include:

  • Just how does an application receive occasions from the windowing system?
  • Does the application demand to register with the bit, or some windowing system web server?
  • Just how does the windowing system demand that an application upgrade its display screen?
  • Just how does an application cause a re-display procedure?
  • Exists a socket-based method, or a few other RPC system to the windowing system?
  • Does the windowing system, or the application, have straight hardware accessibility?
  • What are the procedures readily available in between customer applications and also the windowing system?
2019-05-06 23:11:30
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XQuartz is the open - resource task of the X.org X Window System that works on Mac OS X. Their developer wiki and mailing list needs to aid you with your inquiries, feels like you require a person deeply associated with the task to address those.

2019-05-08 20:40:27

This is what I have actually had the ability to collect until now :

Applications connect over some type of exclusive API to the WindowServer procedure, the WindowServer procedure is the one that in fact obtains hardware occasions (computer mouse, key-board) and also sends off those to the customer applications. (this is still an open inquiry : what method do they make use of if any kind of, do they make use of Mach ports and also MIG, or some Socket - based API, not exactly sure).

Some details is below :


The WindowServer is the Quartz Compositor. Commonly applications make use of the Quartz2D API which revealed in the CoreGraphics API (CGXXX funtions). Applications create CoreGraphics "Contexts" (CGContext) and also attract there. Whether the context is pressed when it is done as large bitmap, or if the procedures are sent out to the web server like they get on X11 is still an open inquiry.

There is a minimal API revealed to regulate particular facets of the WindowServer procedure, the type of configuration setups that are commonly done from the Settings application, yet there is no documents on just how applications in fact connect visuals demands or pump messages from the web server, apart from the Carbon/Cocoa APIs revealed.

2019-05-08 15:13:24

The ideal source for OS X internals is Amit Singh's Mac OS X Internals. It is tremendously described, yet however just covers OS X approximately 10.4. Google publications has a preview.

Apple's documentation for OS X is additionally a wonderful source, and also is clearly even more up - to - day.

2019-05-08 13:32:12

In previous MacOS variations, the training was done by QuickDraw ; in OS X, that has actually been superseded by Cocoa ...

It does not merely identical X11 though. As an example, X11 does not include sound, yet Cocoa does.

2019-05-08 11:38:57

The "What is Cocoa?" area of the Cocoa Fundamentals Guide has a number of wonderful images of the style from all-time low up.

2019-05-08 01:56:04