Just how do I relay mails to an additional equipment with Postfix?

Just how do I set up my colo box to relay e-mail for my domain name (xcski.com) to my residence box? Both are presently running postfix, and also presently the colo box obtains e-mail for a number of domain names and also my residence box obtains the e-mail for xcski.com. I would certainly instead receive the mail on the colo box given that it's on a fixed IP. Preferably given that my better half forwards all her mail to gmail, I would certainly like it so I can onward send by mail for several of the accounts on the colo box straight.

2019-05-06 23:26:03
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It is everything about address courses (it is constantly everything about address courses in Postfix : -) ).

Make your colo box the MX for xcski.com and also make use of transportation maps to send mail to your residence box. You possibly desire digital pen names to divide out the addresses in xcski.com that require to head to various areas. That can take place the colo box or your residence box. The listed below thinks you are doing the digital aliasing and also discerning forwarding on the nexthop (residence).

in main.cf on the colo box:

relay_domains = xcski.com
transport_maps = hash:$config_directory/transport

and also in/ etc/postfix/transport:

# assumes you have a relay transport in master.cf. could happily use smtp.
# square brackets suppress MX lookups for nexthop.
xcski.com  relay:[hostname.of.home.box]

The postfix STANDARD_CONFIGURATION_README need to cover a lot of it.

2019-05-16 23:22:19

Apart from the obivious (transforming the DNS to make your colo box the mail web server for your domain name), you can make use of the postfix transportation map to onward send by mail for a domain name to an additional equipment. Your colo box will certainly work as a forwarder/relay for your domain name, yet this will certainly be unseen to the outdoors.

If you intend to uniquely onward email on the colo box, you can do this making use of the digital domain names device in postfix as you can define a location for each and every recipient because one.

2019-05-08 20:38:59