Just how can I arrangement Google Apps Email for a subdomain?

I have Google Apps arrangement for "domain.com". I would certainly such as to receive mail at "[email protected]" just how can I do this?

2019-05-06 23:33:51
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There are several just how - tos around.

You can locate one below :


Basically you.

  1. Enroll in google apps.
  2. Arrangement your domain name in google apps.
  3. Adjustment the MX documents of your domain name to indicate the google mail exchange web servers.

That is simply an actually high degree review of the procedure. Google apps gives great deals of aid in their FAQ website.

2019-05-08 20:28:41

You can set this up as either an alias domain name on your existing Apps account or as a new Apps account, getting in mail.domain.com as the domain name in the set up procedure

You will certainly require to set up the proper DNS documents versus mail.domain.com.

With an Apps domain name alias all users are mirrored, i.e. :

mail for [email protected] will certainly be recieved by [email protected]

mail for [email protected] will certainly be recieved by [email protected]

This is all done instantly for you as soon as the pen names is set up.

To set it up as a pen names :

  1. Log right into you Google Apps control panel

  2. Click Domain Settings

  3. Click Domain Names

  4. Click Add a domain alias

  5. Enter mail.domain.com in the textbox

  6. Click Continue and verify domain ownership

  7. Continue the procedure as you would certainly an SLD

2019-05-08 20:24:46