Can I re-create removed Gmail accounts?

A long period of time earlier, I developed a Google mail account. I succumbed to a catch that prevailed at that time (not exactly sure just how it is nowadays) and also wound up with 2 Google accounts-- one for Gmail (making use of the Gmail email address I would love to make use of) and also one for every little thing else (making use of an email address at an exterior mail carrier).

Wishing that I can associate my Gmail and also my real Google account, I removed my Gmail account just to uncover that removed account names can not be made use of once more. So primarily my old Gmail account in addition to the Google email address I would love to make use of is gone.

My major Google account obtained appointed a various Gmail account in the mean time.

Do you recognize if it is feasible to re-use my recommended Gmail address? When possible, I would love to assign it to my major Google account. Yet I would certainly additionally enjoy to have it as a 2nd Google account, anything is far better than the existing scenario.

2019-05-06 23:41:00
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Try the recuperation kind from this support article.

I do not recognize if this relates to actively shut accounts too. As a whole it will certainly be rather hard due to the fact that Google needs to make certain that you are the one that possessed that account in the past. Or else all sort of scamming can take place.

2019-05-08 23:08:24