Nexus One: 3G/WIFI Not Switching

Since last number of weeks, my phone has actually been having troubles instantly switching over in between wifi and also 3G. When i leave residence, I need to entirely switch off the radio and also transform it back on for it to grab the 3G link. When i returned at night, I need to switch off the wifi, and afterwards transform it back on in order for it to start.

Has any person else experienced this trouble or recognize just how to repair it?


The trouble is that the phone does not instantly switch over from WIFI to 3G and also the other way around. If I head out of series of a well-known wifi hotspot, my 3G information link need to be developed (shown by the 3G symbol in the leading row), yet it never ever turns up. If i work-around this by entering and also out of aircraft setting, the 3G link is re-established.

My service provider is Optus in Australia, yet i do not assume that issues, considered that it USED to function and also just in the last number of week has this trouble took place.

2019-05-04 02:16:25
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This bug report appears to define a comparable concern. The string is a variety of records of numerous versions/apps/phones/ networks either dealing with or creating the concern, so you might require to dig via it and also attempt some points to detect.

FYI, I do not have the trouble on my Nexus One (O2 UK ).

2019-05-07 21:08:56

I also have the trouble with wifi occasionally. wifi fixer appears to do the work of repairing it most of the times.

Other than from that, as claimed prior to, this is a bug, so you might make use of that short-lived solution till they with any luck deal with that bug.

2019-05-07 21:08:07