Ideal Method or Tool to Migrate from MySQL to SQL Server

What is the most effective method or device to move a database from MySQL to Microsoft SQL Server?

My database is MySQL 5.0.27 and also has 74 tables and also 41 saved treatments.

The existing website is ASP/VBscript and also makes use of vibrant SQL declarations in the code. The saved treatments are primarily made use of in the mysql admin to take care of details tasks. It would certainly be wonderful to have actually the saved treatments be transformed yet I'm not that enthusiastic.

I have 2 objectives: 1) Move the database from MySQL to SQL Server 2) Transform MySQL SQL declarations in VBScript to SQL Server

There are a great deal of datetime columns in the database and also I anticipate to have a great deal of troubles with those throughout the conversion procedure.

2019-05-06 23:46:16
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Not certain if it is the "ideal" yet below is a device

I 'd possibly make use of DTS/ SSIS (with ODBC MySql Driver) that features Sql Server relying on the amount of things you are moving it might take some time to get all the mappings/identity/defaults proper

2019-05-08 19:46:57