Link 2 Google Accounts

I have 2 Google Accounts.

  1. [email protected]
  2. [email protected]

[email protected] is not a Gmail and also is not a Google Apps for my domain name account. The e-mail [email protected] organized someplace beyond Google.

Yet I despise needing to switch over in between both. Exists a means to link them, to make sure that when I browse through to [email protected], I still have accessibility to [email protected] solutions in Google?

Especially I am aiming to address this trouble on Google Analytics (GA). The [email protected] account on GA reveals my individual websites where the [email protected] reveals my job websites. I would certainly such as to browse through using [email protected] and also see both individual and also job websites with the advantages of both accounts

2019-05-04 02:17:25
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I'm not 100% favorable (Since I make use of 2 Google Accounts ) yet I think you can admit to your Google Analytics website to me despite the fact that it was developed by me I have 2 Google Accounts, account1 and also account2 I arrangement GA for account1 and afterwards later on admitted to account2 to watch the statistics.

Heres a Help Post from Google. How do I grant other users access to my Analytics reports?

But if you intended to share e-mail too, you can fwd your mail from me to me And also with-in GMail you can transform the "Sent From" to me while logged right into me

2019-05-07 20:21:46