Can I make the browser stop autmatically revitalizing web pages that have not been presented for some time?

If I browse to a web page and afterwards leave the browser for some time, when I open the browser once more it still reveals the web content of the web page - yet after a 2nd approximately it launches a refresh. Exists a means to stop this actions?

I have actually experienced the very same actions in Dolphin Browser, fwiw.

2019-05-06 23:49:55
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I've seen this with Dolphin too, yet in my searchings for it is not in fact rejuvenating the web page, instead I assume it is refilling the cached web content of the web page. I'm rather sure this is whats taking place because at the workplace we have a visitor cordless system that calls for verification. When I connect my phone to it and also surf I need to login with qualifications at a touchdown web page. This web page does not show up today after opening up Dolphin browser, despite the fact that I rest and also await Dolphin to load up the web page. I need to strike refresh and afterwards I am rerouted to the touchdown web page to login.

I looked for a cache setup that might boost this aggravation, yet really did not locate one. We could need to await an upgrade to the application.

Update :

This needs to HELP address the trouble for origin customers, I claim aid due to the fact that there still might be some revitalizing that takes place.

The trouble :

Android is readied to unload the browser cache from memory to the neighborhood dividing (where applications are saved) when you leave the browser. This is due to the fact that the majority of android phones still do not have much room in the dividing where applications and also such are mounted. My Evo just has 400mb of room.

My ideal hunch is that Android was readied to function in this manner due to the fact that initially phones really did not have much room to collaborate with. No that is coming to be much less of a concern.

Feasible Solutions :

  1. For rooted customers just : Download Swapper2. From what I have actually read in various other discussion forums, this makes a massive distinction in just how usually the browser offloads cache to the neighborhood dividing. And also customers have actually reported it makes a large distinction.
  2. Set Dolphin browser to store cache on the SD card. Possibly if the browser does not need to await cache to be mixed around it wont rejuvenate as a lot, or if it does still rejuvenate, possibly it will certainly take much less time.

What did I do? I mounted Swapper2 and also wow. It actually functions. Currently I can open Dolphin and also not need to await refresh. Ultimately!!

2019-05-08 19:24:20