Just how I can restrict Download/Upload bandwidth?

Just how I can restrict Download/Upload bandwidth for:

  • Whole OS.
  • One network user interface.
  • Solitary application.
2019-05-06 23:51:26
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Limiting solitary user interface is very easy, yet international price restrictions require extra intricate regulations as do application based regulations. I'm not claiming that it can not be done, yet it calls for a fair bit excavating in to the internals of the networking.

Below is a fast How to on establishing a per user interface restriction

If you actually intend to set up application based regulations, you need to search in to some firewall program structure, like shorewall, which have assistant attributes to set up shaping. Despite having these devices, it calls for fairly little planning and also screening to get it in to position. Doing something similar to this advertisement - hoc is not yet fairly that very easy.

2019-05-08 20:25:06