Just how do you link to applications in the Android market?

When uploading application web links, I'm constantly making use of a link on Cyrket or AppBrain-- becuase I can not get a link to anything in the main Android Market.

Yet I have actually seen some web links around for usage w/ Android itself ( "market://" method ) :


(as seen @ Android Dev Studio)

Is it feasible to web-link to applications in the marketplace to make sure that a non-Android customer can link to the ideal Market web page in a non-Android internet internet browser?

2019-05-04 02:19:25
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It's worth keeping in mind that you do not need to make use of the market:// method - you can exchange in http://market.android.com/ as opposed to market://.

eg these 2 links need to have the very same result:

Unfortunately, this presently isn't fairly as valuable as maybe given that a non - Android internet browser will certainly simply get a 404 from the http:// link, yet I visualize if Google intended to they can offer you a valuable web page rather.

See the Publishing Your Applications web page in the Android programmer overview for even more information.

2019-05-08 23:21:12

If you are speaking about making a link that goes straight to the application in the marketplace on an Android tool, yes, simply add the Package Name to the market://details?id= or market://search?q=pname: to create the link. In your instance over the Package Name is : de.schildbach.oeffi.

If you do not recognize the plan name you can get it from AndroLib. It's a discomfort due to the fact that their web pages are so active yet if you can not locate it simply do a message look for "Package Name."

Simply to be clear this link layout just functions when clicked and also Android Market made it possible for tool.

Update : Yes. You currently access the complete Android Market on the internet site, and also when you make use of the link layout that therefromhere states in his answer (with http://market... ), customers clicking it on their phone will certainly be offered application in the marketplace and also customers clicking it on the internet will certainly be offered the application's market website.

Modify : No. The Android Market can just be accessed on Android Devices (extra especially just Android Devices with the Android Market Enabled ).

2019-05-07 17:48:56