Strategy to eliminate the repainted giants

I maintain obtaining taken out by the repainted giants in the repainted woodland. I blow via the turpentine in a snap with little result. Do they have an additional weak point? Or exists an additional method to eliminating them?

2019-05-07 00:02:17
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Answers: 2

Your degree should not matter : According to the wiki, repainted giants are leveled, and also have 25 HP per personality degree.

Giants (consisting of repainted ones) do despise fire (50% weak point according to the wiki), so take into consideration fire magicka or fire - captivated weapons if it's readily available.

Me, I simply hacked them to items, obstructing where essential. Each of them remains in his very own location, so you need to never ever get gang - trampled by them.

You can additionally take into consideration creep strikes, if you see them beforehand and also are a bow customer.

Ultimately, they do have regrowth capacities.

2019-05-08 20:47:43

I located I can locate details places depending on rocks in the location where I can contend them from array and also they can not strike me. Locating among those areas and also making use of varied strikes could be your best choice if you're having problem.

2019-05-08 20:43:52