Just how do I protect against gnome to place my usb tool when I'm making use of KDE?

in KDE, when I connect a USB storage space tool, I see a nautilus window instantly open, and also I'm required to make use of nautilus if I intend to umount it effectively Dolphin offers the adhering to mistake:

org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.Volume.NotMountedByHal: Tool to unmount is not in / media/. hal-mtab so it is not placed by HAL.

Just how can I define that when I make use of KDE, I desire HAL to take care of usb storage space automated placing? I do not recognize what gnome-mechanism instantly places usb tools, yet I presume I'll need to disable it also? I'm making use of fedora 13.

2019-05-07 00:06:36
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It appears that I have actually addressed my trouble. I attempted to release nautilus in konsole and also it collapsed with the very same message I place in my comment. After that I released nautilus making use of krunner and also this moment, it functioned, and also I can eject the usb tool. Currently the remedy to the trouble is to set up vehicle - placing in KDE (I did it using the New tool alert applet). Once vehicle placing accredited in KDE, it appears to take top priority over gnome, and also you can take care of tools from dolphin.

2019-05-08 19:33:12