Just how do I make Nautilus windows stick for drag & decline?

When you drag and drop a folder with nautilus, you have to meticulously set both windows on non overlapping locations of your screen, or else picking one folder will certainly bring the windows to the front, concealing the 2nd one.

On Windows, doing so will certainly stick the explorer.exe windows to the back and also allow you drag and drop the folder. I intend it identify a lengthy click to determine whether bring the window to the front.

Is that feasible with Ubuntu?

Currently I recognize that Nautilus currently has actually divided panels by pushing F3, yet that not convenient. A lot of the moment, you open a folder, THEN determine to replicate. With split panel, you have to determine, THEN divided the panel and also most likely to the appropriate folder.

2019-05-07 00:10:11
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While you're dragging hold your computer mouse over the taskbar symbol of the nautilus window, and also it'll be elevated to the leading so you can drop your documents in it.

2019-05-08 22:49:48

If you drag down to the taskbar, the window will certainly be elevated so you can go down right into it. Additionally, you can right - click the window bar or the taskbar access of the window you intend to drag to, and also select "Always ahead".

2019-05-08 22:38:50

As stated in various other solutions, you can drag the documents to the taskbar and also the window will certainly be elevated, yet that is not the only remedy to your trouble.

You can additionally make use of even more common remedy : you can set auto raise window in window supervisor setups which can be located in system -> preferences -> windows. By establishing a timeout forauto-raise, you will just require to relocate your computer mouse over particular windows to raise them to cover.

This is an instead hassle-free attribute when you incorporate it with focus follows mouse alternative. You can conveniently switch over from application to application simply by relocating your computer mouse over to the various other application.

Certainly, this pressures you to get used to a various means of functioning, yet what does not ?!

2019-05-08 19:33:37