Can missing out on supports be logged?

If I have a busted link it obtains logged with a 404. If I have a link to an anchor and also the anchor is missing out on, I do not get an access in the log. Just how can I locate those busted anchor web links, specifically if the website traffic is originating from a referrer? Exists a means to set up the logging to record this details?

HTTP Server: Apache 2

2019-05-04 02:21:26
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As others have actually claimed, web page supports are something that the internet browser operates as opposed to the internet server.

You can make use of some code to pass the anchor details on your Analytics program. As an example you can extract the location.hash value and also pass it to Google Analytics as a custom variable.

Extra usefully you can run code that checks the web page html for an anchor that represents the value of location.hash and also if it's missing out on causes a GA event. That would certainly after that offer you a GA record on busted web page anchor web links as customers click them.

2019-05-09 09:57:26

I do not assume its feasible to see this in Apache's logs. If a documents is asked for and also offered, that virtually ends Apache's participation (or any kind of various other web server ). Searching for and also placing to the anchor is something the internet browser does. By the time your internet browser reaches situating the anchor, the link to the web server is currently shut.

An excellent link mosaic need to select that up, yet that's a hand-operated procedure.

2019-05-07 18:34:43

CSE HTML Validator look for missing out on supports ... for a rate.


2019-05-07 18:32:42

It is difficult to set up logging of the #fragment section of the URL due to the fact that your web server never ever sees it. From RFC3986

the piece identifier is divided from the remainder of the URI before a dereference, and also hence the recognizing details within the piece itself is dereferenced only by the customer representative, no matter the URI system. Although this different handling is usually regarded to be a loss of details, specifically for exact redirection of referrals as resources conform time, it additionally offers to stop details carriers from refuting reference writers the right to describe details within a source uniquely. Indirect referencing additionally gives added adaptability and also extensibility to systems that make use of URIs, as new media types are less complicated to specify and also release than new systems of recognition.

What this suggests is that the web internet browser primarily strips off the anchor component of the URI prior to sending it to the web server. The HTTP protocol does not also manage pieces as a result of this; they're never ever sent out over the cord.

Pieces are readily available to JavaScript (due to the fact that it's client-side ) as component of the location.href building. As soon as getting the piece name, you can validate that it stands by looking the document.anchors [ ] array components' name building for that value.

As soon as you've done this, it can be logged making use of AJAX or, as pelms notes, passed to Google Analytics or comparable solutions.

2019-05-07 18:11:55