Annotating YouTube video clips programmatically

I intend to have the ability to present a regular YouTube video clip with overlaid notes, containing coloured rectangular shapes for each and every structure. The only need is that this need to be done programmatically.

YouTube has notes currently, yet need you to utilize their front end to create them by hand. I intend to have the ability to create them. What's the most effective means of doing this?

Some suggestions:

  1. Construct your very own Flash gamer (ew? )
  2. In some way attract over the YouTube Flash gamer. Will this function?
  3. Reverse designer & hijack YouTube's note system. Either tinkering the neighborhood documents or rerouting its effort to download and install the notes. (making use of Greasemonkey? Firefox plugin? )

Suggestion that does not count:

download and install the video clip

2019-05-07 00:18:56
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The gamer itself has a Javascript API that could be valuable for syncing the video clip if you pick to make your very own annotation-thingamajig.

2019-05-19 23:04:04