Just how do I add a program that must be run from within its very own directory site to the panel or major menu?

Some programs can just be ranged from within their very own directory sites. If I most likely to System --> Preferences --> Main Menu --> Add Item and also select the documents, it will certainly not function. In a similar way, if I right click the Panel and also pick "Add to Panel ...", pick "Custom Application Launcher," and afterwards indicate the documents, it will in a similar way fall short. Just how can I add a launcher to my panel and also an access in my Main Menu that will efficiently release this sort of program?

2019-05-07 00:23:40
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Have you attempted making use of a manuscript to release the application rather?

Something like :

cd /my/dir

Select the manuscript as opposed to the documents.

2019-05-08 22:09:43

cd /path/to/dir/ && gksudo bin_file

That need to suffice.

2019-05-08 22:08:33

So what I did is this :

I developed a simple message documents and also created the adhering to celebration manuscript for a Latin translation program I make use of, called Words :

#! /bin/bash

cd ~/latin/latin.words/


After waiting in my residence folder, I made it executable, which can be carried out in either means. I right clicked it, pick Properties - > Permissions , and also examine the " Execute" box for your customer name. Or I can have made use of the command line and also got in chmod +x file.name.

After that I right clicked the panel and also picked Add to Panel , select Custom Application Launcher. I got in the name, in this instance Words , and also the course to the manuscript I simply created in the Command area. Due to the fact that Words is a command line program, I picked Program in Terminal from the decline - down menu. I after that clicked the symbol and also picked an ideal one and also with that said I was done including it to the panel.

Next I clicked System - > Preferences - > Main Menu, picked the folder I intended to place the menu launcher right into, and afterwards clicked Add Item. I after that duplicated the procedure I simply executed, over.

And also currently I have a personalized launcher that benefits a program that has to be ranged from its very own directory site, both on my panel and also in the menu!

2019-05-08 19:39:27