Just how do I upgrade grub to grub2 if heritage grub is mounted in boot dividing field, not MBR?

I'm attempting to relocate to grub2 and also while chainloading from heritage grub functions penalty, I'm not exactly sure just how to relocate entirely. Old grub was mounted in boot field of swap dividing,/ dev/sda3, and also was functioning penalty there. I desire new grub to be mounted there too yet throughout upgrade-from-grub-legacy it recommend to install at MBR or at ubuntu origin dividing,/ dev/sda4. Just how do I compel it to install at/ dev/sda3? Can I simply do grub-install '(hd0,3)' as opposed to upgrade-from-grub-legacy?

2019-05-07 00:24:36
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If you have actually validated that the new grub2 arrangement functions, you can make use of grub-install securely.

The only substantial point upgrade-from-grub-legacy does is this :

rm -f /boot/grub/{{xfs,reiserfs,e2fs,fat,jfs,minix}_stage1_5,stage{1,2}}

which basically gets rid of the grub - heritage documents from/ boot/grub, you can additionally remove /boot/grub/menu.lst if it does not have anything vital to you.

2019-05-08 21:37:17