Just how can I transform the default money key on Swype keyboard?

In Swype Settings I have actually the language readied to "UK English" yet for one reason or another when I'm keying the money icon (long-press on s) is a buck authorize ($) not an extra pound indicator (), if I push SYM the buck in fact has its very own switch $ on the left-hand side, and also I have Euro (EUR) and also Yen on the leading row for lengthy continue # and also 3, and also the extra pound is delegated to the right-hand man side for a long-press on ".

Exists any kind of means that I can set it to change the $ on the major screen with a indicator, and also change the buck by itself switch on the icon screen with an extra pound indicator?

Am making use of the integrated Swype keyboard (v1.64.40.9754) on a Vodafone UK Samsung Galaxy S (Eclair 2.1 upgrade 1, construct JM4) .

2019-05-07 00:32:51
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Looks like a trouble with the variation of Swype pre - mounted by Samsung. I have actually logged a bug on Swype's discussion forums here. Do not assume there's anything a lot any one of us can do currently other than await Swype to deal with the bug and also for Samsung to push out the upgraded variation.

(simply including this as a solution and also approving to get this off the unanswered inquiries checklist, if any person has a far better remedy please blog post and also I'll move the approval over)

2019-05-10 16:33:39