If I acquire an opened sim-free HTC Desire HD can I still get Android updates OTA?

I presently have a HTC Desire with T-Mobile. If I acquire an opened HTC Desire HD (Sim-free) and also appear my existing T-Mobile SIM will I get OTA updates for the Desire HD or the typical Desire that I have with T-Mobile?

If I will not have the ability to get OTA updates, will I have a hand-operated upgrade alternative from HTC straight when they release updates?

I've never ever acquired a Sim-Free phone prior to so not exactly sure just how this functions.

2019-05-07 00:45:27
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I obtained OTA update to 2.2 in the summer season. I have a SIM - free HTC Desire for Russian market. I acquired in April.

I see no barriers why a SIM - free phone would certainly not get an OTA update. Usually it needs to be launched much faster, due to the fact that it originates from HTC. In instance of well-known phones, upgrade originates from service providers. That might require added time as service providers include their software program right into the upgrade.

2019-05-12 06:48:01

I have a non - branded HTC Desire and also I get OTA updates simply great. You will in fact get the updates earlier due to the fact that these updates are given by HTC straight, which drivers need to brand name for their tools first prior to making them readily available.

I can not visualize this being any kind of various for the Desire HD.

You'll additionally have extra alternatives for mounting updates by hand, as defined here as an example (once more, this is for Desire, not Desire HD)

2019-05-12 06:34:25

AFAIK, Android updates are launched by the Google after that the phone's supplier (as an example HTC) creates updates for the vehicle drivers, and also carriers (as an example T - Mobile) just aid with the circulations. So you will certainly at the very least have the ability to do hand-operated updates as long as your phone suppliers launched the upgrade.

Nonetheless, this suggests obtaining upgrade relies on your phone suppliers sustain (I listened to HTC is fairly excellent on this). If, as an example, your supplier determined not to sustain upgrading of your phone (as an example Samsung has no prepare for upgrading Spica to Froyo), after that you possibly will not have the ability to upgrade making use of main ROM (although there is generally an area upgrade to non - authorities ROMs).

2019-05-08 21:57:13