Exists a means to have an extensive Desktop in Ubuntu a la Windows?

I have Ubuntu 9.10 set up with multiple monitors. However, the manner in which Ubuntu takes care of multiple monitors by default in 9.10 is by having a different desktop computer presented on each display (it is not feasible to drag a window from one display to the various other). I would love to set it up to make sure that I can relocate applications from one display to the various other. Is this feasible (does 10.04 assistance it)?

2019-05-07 00:47:28
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I have this setup as default. I have 2 displays and also they make simply one desktop computer. I can relocate windows from one to an additional relocating after that from lower to leading, and also I can also by hand extend a window to make use of both displays.

I made use of the display application in the choices food selection to set it up. I anticipate all the cards that sustain xrandr job the very same.

So the solution is generally of course, at the very least with the majority of cards.

BTW mine is an Intel.

2019-05-08 22:34:40

If you have a committed graphics card you might locate that the exclusive vehicle drivers make this less complicated to set up.

A lot of the equipments I run Ubuntu on (and also all the ones with multi - display arrangements) have nVidia cards in them. I am making use of nvidia's x web server setups (nvidia - setups) to take care of the display screens. This allows me pick in between having different x web servers on each screen (entirely independent display screens) or 'TwinView' which develops a solitary desktop computer throughout both display screens. (this permits dragging in between home windows, extending throughout the entire desktop computer, etc)

To install the exclusive vehicle drivers, you can most likely to System > Adminstration > Hardware Drivers (as mentioned by @themusicalduck in the comment listed below).

If, nonetheless, you desire the most up to date vehicle drivers (which commonly supply bugfixes and also performance renovations) and also do not mind the problem, you can go here for nvidia or here for ati. Place your card's version therein, pick 32bit/ 64bit for your arrangement and also download.

ps. I do not find out about the ATI vehicle driver, yet yet the nvidia vehicle driver comes as a manuscript to run that will certainly install the vehicle driver instantly, assembling the bit components as called for etc However, you require to shut down the display screen prior to you can upgrade its vehicle drivers, which can be terrifying. Simply follow the steps in this guide and also it need to be great! (' Logging in as origin' suggests keying sudo su (or prepending sudo to all succeeding commands)

2019-05-08 22:13:49