Subdomain versus subdirectory

I lately relocated from having a major website like with a subdomain linked website, to relocating every little thing off the subdomain to a subdirectory like, with the very same power structure below the subdirectory, and also currently is simply a redirect web page to the subdirectory, so is rerouted to and more.

The result has actually been that the traffic raised by numerous times (the complete web page sights are greater than 10 times at the here and now price) what it was to the yyy subdomain. Formerly mostly all of the traffic to the yyy subdomain was from the www website. This is from checking the old yyy website for a year or even more.

I'm interested to recognize if there's any kind of study or outcomes which would certainly show whether this is global (subdirectories defeat subdomains) or "simply me".

2019-05-07 00:48:42
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I think it's to do with web page position. Internet search engine deal with subdomains as entirely various websites from the non - subdomain and also hence by relocating your web pages from the subdomain to the major domain name, they will be grabbing it's Public Relations (which may be greater?).

It might additionally simply a coincidence. How much time have you been researching the traffic for?

2019-05-08 20:50:17

I assume the concern might result from "trust fund" - internet search engine generally deal with subdomains in different ways from the major domain name, so if you relocated some web pages to a various domain name or subdomain after that basically you are "going back to square one". Whereas if you make use of subdirectories the domain name is currently relied on and also web pages might be indexed quicker.

If your traffic is raising maybe as a result of any kind of variety of points such as even more web links being grabbed, or simply a solitary link from a preferred website like digg or stumbleupon.

Another factor of note : PageRank is web page - based, not website - based, so if each of the web pages had the very same variety of web links in they will certainly have the very same Public Relations.

2019-05-08 15:03:19