Exist any kind of command line SSH customers readily available for rooted Android phones?

I certainly have ConnectBot, yet I'm seeking something I can manuscript.

Modify: To make clear below, I'm not curious about running manuscripts from an incurable. What I intend to do is run an SSH command in an automated/scheduled fashion. Tasker and also Locale Execute are the matching of cron, all I require is the 'ssh' command to run from the manuscript.

2019-05-04 02:30:26
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I recognize it is an old string yet intended to+1 the comment concerning BTEP

I'm additionally making use of BTEP is ssh binary though I simply call it from it is course as opposed to connecting it / data/data/com. magicandroidapps.bettertermpro/ bin/ssh origin @

or create a set of keys and also make use of public key verification / data/data/com. magicandroidapps.bettertermpro/ bin/ssh - i/ data/data/com. magicandroidapps.bettertermpro/ residence/. ssh/id _ rsa - l origin

I make use of the above command from SL4A r4 in numerous manuscripts and also it functions great

prior to I can do this I required to chmod a+x/ data/data/com. magicandroidapps.bettertermpro/ residence/. ssh

as soon as this is done and also you backup/restore BTEP with TitaniumBackup the approvals are maintained this suggests if you blink a new rom you can simply recover the applications and also all your manuscripts will certainly function once more

2019-05-31 18:00:34

Terminal Emulator definitely sustains manuscripts *. Do not think the nay - sayers. You will certainly require to find out BASH covering scripting, if you're not currently accustomed to it. Write a manuscript and also wait on your SD card. Run it with "sh filename" from Term.

If you clarify what it is you intend to "manuscript" concerning SSH, I can likely offer you a far better referral.

* (It's in fact the Android OS that sustains BASH manuscripts, Terminal Emulator simply gives you accessibility to the Android covering, consequently scripting is naturally feasible)

2019-05-09 04:50:17

Since my initial inquiry had to do with an ssh binary, and also there is a solution for that, I'll approve that solution. Nonetheless, there is an additional means to do what I intended to do, kinda, that could be intriguing to a person some day.

Tasker+ConnectBot can be made use of to execute approximate remote (or neighborhood, I presume, yet Locale Execute is much better for that) regulates on a timetable.

Action 1 : Set up your link in ConnectBot.

  • You can have replicate links in ConnectBot as long as they have various pen names. You need to relabel one first (far from customer @host) in order to create the 2nd. Long Press and also select "Edit Host" to execute these adjustments.
  • You possibly intend to set up an ssh key without a password to make sure that you can utilize this for automation.
  • As soon as the link in fact functions, you can make use of "Post - login automation" to add the remote commands you would love to run. See to it there is an empty line at the end to make sure that enter is sent out after your last command. Usage enter or ; to divide commands. I recommend making use of something like "resemble hello there" as an examination till you make certain points are functioning, and also "exit" at the end if you do not intend to leave the link open.
  • Examination this alone.

Action 2 : Create a Tasker Task to call connectbot.

  • Create a new Task in Tasker.
  • Add an Action. From Misc, select "Action Intent"
  • The areas are :
    • Action : android.intent.action.VIEW
    • Cat : Default
    • Data : ssh link, in the kind of "ssh :// customer @host/ #alias" (without the quotes). The pen names, customer and also host below have to match the pen names you set up symphonious 1.
    • Target : Activity
    • Click Test. Connectbot needs to open and also your commands need to execute on the remote host.

Action 3 : Use this Task in Tasker nonetheless you would generally.

2019-05-09 04:21:50

To call ssh from a manuscript, all you require to do is set up ssh keys. There are a million just how - tos on the internet, yet there's a web page on the Cyanogen wiki that could be extra matched to Android customers. As soon as you set up keys, your basic ssh command would certainly look something similar to this : ssh - i/ PATH/TO/KEY USER @IP

You can place that in a manuscript, run it, and also you will certainly be visited to the remote equipment.

Yet below's what I assume you're intending to do. To just execute a command on a remote computer system, simply add it in solitary quotes : ssh - i/ PATH/TO/KEY USER @IP 'command'

That implements the command on the remote equipment without logging you in. You can run commands with alternatives, pipelines, reroutes etc, yet it's occasionally far better to maintain them straightforward. With the exception of the hold-up, it looks the like implementing the command (s) in your area and also can be made use of the very same.

Place Execute can be fussy concerning what regulates it will certainly run. If it does not function, attempt placing it in a manuscript and also making use of Locale Execute to run the manuscript.

Additionally, I have actually had troubles with the ssh binary that gets on the phone and also located that relocate from/ system/xbin and also developing a link at/ system/xbin/ssh to the Better Terminal Emulator ssh binary is extra trusted. The BTEP binary remains in/ data/data/com. magicandroidapps.bettertermpro/ bin/ssh

2019-05-08 20:11:31

AndFTP can connect over any kind of port you set up so I'm certain it can connect over SSH. Yet I'm not exactly sure just how very easy it is to manuscript use of it. I make use of the application myself regularly for my organizing web server and also it functions wonderful.

Not exactly sure if you can SSH with Terminal Emulator, yet you can attempt it also. I make use of that application regularly for doing points I'm also careless to do with ADB.

2019-05-07 22:30:02

You can install the Terminal Emulator from google. Conversely there is the Better Terminal Emulator Pro. I attempted the Terminal Emulator on a non-rooted phone and also it appeared to function penalty.

Much Better Terminal Emulator Pro consists of the dropbear ssh client, which can be released from the command line or using a launcher. More info from the authors.

2019-05-07 19:49:29