Sync arrangement inquiry: will Android, Outlook 2010, Gmail, schedule and also calls sync?

my previous phone was a home windows mobile 6.5 from HTC. so I had it connected to my computer system (home windows 7 x64 pro) and also it made use of home windows flexibility facility to sync with outlook 2010. every little thing was great. I additionally included Gmail by IMAP in outlook.

today I have this outstanding all new HTC Desire with Android 2.2 (Froyo) so it requested for my Google account. Currently I wound up with calls in outlook, phone and also Gmail. schedule in outlook and also Google Calendar and also I have HTC sync and also Google Cal sync and also I do not recognize what the most effective arrangement is. any person a suggestion?

I would certainly such as to have the very same in my outlook calls as in my Gmail, Google Cal, phone and so on so I would certainly such as to sync every little thing with every little thing and also can make use of some aid. due to the fact that I have calls in outlook that are not in Gmail and also individuals on my phone which are not in Gmail and so on and also given that I am an android n00b it's kinda tough to get myself a best sync arrangement with outlook 2010 and also my phone and also Gmail things

Modify: as mentioned in the solutions, I need to NOT sync my phone with outlook, yet need to sync outlook to Gmail. Google has a schedule sync device, which is wonderful, yet does not sync the calls. No I've located KiGoo yet I do not trust them yet. Does any person advise an excellent ideally free and/or open resource application for syncing outlook 2010 with Gmail?

2019-05-07 00:59:09
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i was seeking a means to sync my x10 with outlook and also located this link, it's called my phone traveler

functions excellent, and also it's free

2019-05-11 16:15:28

Android synchronizes to Gmail, Contacts, and also Calendar virtually easily. It feels like in your instance it's Outlook that is the trouble youngster. Do you require to sync contacts with Outlook also? Otherwise, a one - time export/import from Outlook to Gmail need to fulfill your demands.

I would certainly claim have Outlook sync with Google and also have the phone sync with Google. Syncing the phone to Outlook also will possibly replicate information and/or leave voids in your information.

2019-05-08 20:56:50