Can't connect to Ubuntu 9.04 server

I have actually mounted Ubuntu 9.04 and also am having a trouble that I can connect from the web server to the outdoors yet can not connect to the web server. I examined every one of the various firewall systems (firestarter, ufw, iptables, etc) and also all are impaired. When I attempt to ssh, ping, etc to the web server they all timeout.

I am working on a cordless network and also the router identifies that the equipment is attached to the network (with the correct ip address) yet also the router can not sound the web server.

Any kind of suggestions?

2022-06-07 14:30:20
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You need to guarantee you are utilizing your router is IP address when attempting to access an inner node. If you are attempting to sound the IP appointed to your web server from your router, that is an inner IP (something like and also sounding that from outdoors your router will certainly not do anything, it will certainly search for the node on the very same network you are sounding from.

To make certain accessibility to your web server, onward ports in your router to your web server. Port 22 has to be opened up and also factor in the direction of your web server is inner IP address to make use of SSH.

To locate your router is IP address, you can browse to from the web server, it will certainly present your router is address on the net. Your router is management web page need to additionally present this information. When making use of ping, you will certainly be sounding your router too, not the web server, unless you define a port that is sent to the web server, after that it will certainly inform you if the node is obtainable.

2022-06-07 14:48:35

does the router have a firewall? - check the setups there - specifically port forwarding. I would certainly additionally examine if openssh - web server is mounted.

Additionally, its HIGHLY uncommon to have a web server on wireless.

2022-06-07 14:44:25