Sketching a polar curve

Continued off the inquiry I asked previously, I additionally need to illustration the contour.


So I need to set up a table of values I'm thinking. Just how do I recognize what values to pick for $\theta$. After that I'm simply shed entirely attempting to outline the theta and also $r$ values to get the contour.

Oh and also one fast various other inquiry. If it additionally asks me to locate all the factors of junctions and also to set up the indispensable to review the location inside after laying out the contour, what does that suggest? Do I need to select a leading and also lower or something? Overwhelmed concerning that.

2022-06-07 14:30:29
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To get going, you could attempt values of $\theta$ where it is very easy to compute things, like $\theta=0,\pi/12,\pi/4,\pi/2,\dots$. Perhaps even far better to keep in mind first that given that $r^2\ge0$ it just makes good sense to take $\theta$ with $\sin2\theta\le0$.

You will not get really much with the indispensable till you have an excellent illustration of the contour.

2022-06-07 14:50:40

As a regulation, it aids to recognize just how usually your function repeats itself (if ever before). It is generally located by considering the carbon monoxide - reliable of the θ (in this instance 1). You after that efficiently connect where it goes to 0 to 2π in 4 *carbon monoxide - reliable variety of also increments. Bear in mind that if r is adverse, its mirrored over the x axis. Usually additionally an excellent suggestion to have the absolutely nos of the function, yet not constantly essential.

2022-06-07 14:50:03