Bug tracker setup with Git integration?

I recognize I can do a lot of this by hacking Trac and also making use of Git hooks, yet I was asking yourself if a person has / recognizes of something all set.

Talking about (and also closing) tickets from devote messages would certainly behave, particularly if the diff shows up inline with the comment/closing statement.

sha1 hashes need to be vehicle - connected to gitweb/cigt/custom git internet browser.

I attempted the GitPlugin for Trac, yet the code internet browser was soo slow-moving any kind of choices?

2022-06-07 14:30:31
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Redmine can do several of what you are requesting for. Integration operates in one instructions, you have to reference issues in commit messages, and afterwards this information will certainly be readily available in redmine.

The information is after that readily available in 2 sights. The bug display screen will certainly include a checklist of matched devotes. The repository display screen will certainly link devotes to bug display screen web pages.

Redmine maintains a neighborhood (bare) database for each and every task. This can be the key repo or a remote mirror. On updates, redmine analyzes the devote messages and also updates an inner cross reference table of change_set, concern.

If the redmine database is just made use of as a mirror, it will certainly require to be upgraded. Updates can take place using cron or using exterior hook. We make use of a redmine github plugin and also a github blog post - receive hook to maintain redmine compatible a key github database.

It functions, yet it is still a little bit awkward.

2022-06-07 14:43:42