Recover messed up partition and MBR

I did something really foolish. I intended to overwrite my MBR of my usb disk and also implemented the adhering to commands.

sudo dd if=./boot0 of=/dev/sdb bs=1b count=1
sudo dd if=./boot1h of=/dev/sdb2

Now I can not detail the dividings (6 dividings) in sdb. Any kind of pointers? I have ubuntu in/ dev/sda

install-mbr /dev/sdb

Dint aid either.

2022-06-07 14:30:33
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This link aided. I am still refrained yet. yet I atleast see several of my documents.!!

2022-06-07 16:09:18

I assume you can offer a shot with gparted (if you do not have it proceed and also install it first). The software program allows you see your dividings if they are still there. Currently just what do you intend to do?¢ Is all you desire is to make your USB useful once more? That would certainly be also very easy. Simply most likely to gparted, after that delete all the dividings and also create new ones.¢ Or do you intend to maintain your dividings? Directly I do not assume that is feasible due to the fact that you currently eliminated your dividing table. So what you can attempt is to support your continuing to be information on those dividings (due to the fact that dd really did not delete any kind of information, in addition to the little item ahead of your dividings to make area for both documents). After that layout your USB and also recover the data.¢ Regarding I recognize, do not make use of dd unless you are supporting or recovering an entire dividing.

2022-06-07 14:47:04