Cheap reliable NAS or Raid setup?

I am seeking something on the less costly side that is basicly an exterior drive yet I would love to have even more after that 1 drive, like 2 or even more drives that run in raid 1.

I have an exterior drive that had a lots of actually vital things on it, it simply passed away on me, attempted running every feasible device on it and also every little thing claims the documents system has an un reparable mistake and also I require to layout to conserve anything on it.

So next time I intend to have back-up for my back-up, a raid 1 would certainly be the most effective solution for this?

Additionally the NAS is simply optional, all that includes is assistance to conserve throught my network right? Do most nas settups permit me to additionally access with USB if I intended to? Many thanks

2022-06-07 14:30:35
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construct your very own NAS web server with FreeNAS . certainly FreeNAS sustains RAID and also USB drives.

2022-06-07 15:40:52

I could recommend considering offsite back-up too. I'm considering backblaze, though my existing back-up strategy often tends to merely be supporting every little thing to a networked share on a 1tb hard drive on my major system, so i contend the very least 2 duplicates of essential documents on seperate systems.

2022-06-07 14:46:16

There are thousands of off the rack remedies for this. The majority of otherwise all multi - HDD exterior Drives permit matching of the information. (RAID 1) One trouble with them is you have 2 the same drives in a solitary unit that is generally doing some type of exclusive information handling. Way too many possibilities wherefore still winds up as information loss if among the drives passes away or the drive controller blacks out. The various other is that you are just obtaining half the storage space you are spending for.

The Drobo has actually come to be a preferred selection for several yet there appear to be concerns that are not totally resolved. It is just one of minority remedies that can expand as your demands for storage space do.

After searching, analysis and also investing means way too much cash I have actually determined that RAID is not the means to go with me and also my demands for straightforward information matching. I have 2 dimension and also rate matched exterior drives attached using Firewire 800 to my media web server. On the web server I run Chronosync with a set up work to do a complete sync in between the drives every 3 days. Appears a little bit overwrought yet it fulfills my demands of information defense, network accessibility to the information and also no demand for my treatment. This is a Mac just item yet I make certain there are Windows items readily available.

When it comes to the NAS inquiry, it does permit link to the information using your network. The majority of NAS outfitted drives do not such as attempting to have a drive mapped using network and also USB at the very same time on a solitary equipment. Bear in mind though that NAS usually includes some type of expenses to the link.

2022-06-07 14:45:18