How do I install GNOME via Macports on my MacBook Pro running Lion?

I am attempting to install Gnome via Macports on my MacBook Pro running Lion. When I install it, nonetheless, I get several mistake messages, as defined listed below.

Just how can I efficiently install this software program on my MacBook Pro?

Below is what I've attempted, and also what failed:

First of all, I'm new to OS X, collaborated with Debian, Ubuntu Linux circulations prior to. I've mounted macports on Mac OS X Lion. I began the daemons:

org.freedesktop.dbus - system.plist (currently begun)

and also

org.freedesktop.dbus - session.plist

After that, I open the X11 console, and also by hand began the X11 manuscript for beginning gnome. I do this, due to the fact that I intend to get the mistake messages it tosses. When I do so, a mistake similar to this will certainly be tossed numerous times:

Dynamic session lookup sustained yet fell short: launchd did not give an outlet course, validate that org.freedesktop.dbus - session.plist is filled!

Window supervisor caution: Failed to speak to arrangement web server ; some feasible reasons are that you require to enable TCP/IP networking for ORBit, or you have stagnant NFS locks as a result of a system crash.

See for details. (Details - 1: Failed to get link to session: Not adequate memory)

Feb 18 02:03:51 MacBookPro - h2o.local gnome - session [3008 ]: WARNING: Could not make bus turned on customers knowledgeable about DISPLAY =/ tmp/launch - Wq44Ln/org. x:0 setting variable: Not sufficient memory

I considered yet do not see just how I can transform the existing concern.

I have 4 GB Memory, 2.3 GB of them are free. Mounted additionally PostgreSQL

$ pet cat/ etc/sysctl. conf

kern.sysv.shmmax = 1610612736

kern.sysv.shmall = 393216

kern.sysv.shmmin = 1

kern.sysv.shmmni = 32

kern.sysv.shmseg = 8

kern.maxprocperuid = 512

kern.maxproc = 2048

Detailed details at:

2022-06-07 14:30:40
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