Is encrypting your web browsing via SSH to localhost useful?

For instance, if I did an ssh -X to localhost and also conjured up Firefox, would certainly that suffice to be taken into consideration secure surfing, like if done on some public wifi?

2022-06-07 14:30:49
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For safe and secure surfing you can additionally attempt Tor. see

2022-06-07 18:08:12


No, it is not valuable. If your objective is to shield your information en route over the WiFi link, after that an encrypted passage over your loopback user interface does not offer that objective.

Study Hints

This is not a thorough checklist, yet it will certainly get you began as you look for an excellent remedy for shielding your information en route.

  • SSL
  • TLS
  • IPSec
  • SSH SOCKS Proxies
2022-06-07 14:51:09

No, it will certainly not aid. All it does is set up an encrypted link to your neighborhood equipment, and also from there, attaches to the outdoors specifically like it would certainly have without the neighborhood ssh - you obtain absolutely nothing, yet efficiency is mosting likely to endure (nevertheless, ssh does secure and also decrypt all the X11 messages that firefox and also the X11 web server pass to and fro).

ssh forwarding serves if you get on an untrusted network (as an example a public wifi), yet you have a web server with a reliable net link readily available in other places (as an example your residence broadband). In this circumstance, you would certainly ssh right into the web server in the house, forwarding all your website traffic via this web server. The interaction in between you and also your residence web server is safeguarded by ssh ; from there, it is equally as safe and secure (or troubled) as though if you were surfing from residence. To the web server at the various other end, it will certainly seem the website traffic came straight from your residence network.

On a side note, X - forwarding firefox is a dreadful means of doing this ; firefox does not specifically play wonderful with X11 messages, primarily thinking that it runs in your area - I have actually never ever seen firefox execute well when working on a sent X display screen. A better means is to simply make use of ssh is vibrant port forwarding ; as an example, you can release ssh -D:8080, and afterwards set up firefox to make use of a socks proxy at localhost:8080. Firefox after that still runs in your area, yet the web website traffic experiences ssh. If you remain in uncertainty whether it is functioning appropriately, most likely to to examine your IP as seen on the obtaining end.

2022-06-07 14:49:14