Is the Task Scheduler in Windows XP reliable enough to be trusted with important tasks?

I ask due to the fact that the software program my firm will start making use of calls for a solitary (windows) workstation to run a tiny automation program each evening to increment numerous areas in the data source. I'm certain I'm not the just one that assumes this is dreadful layout, yet there is very little I can do concerning it for the minute (at the very least till I have time to identify just what it is doing and also change it with a cron - able perl manuscript).

In the past, my only ventures with the Windows job scheduler wizard were for assorted residence jobs numerous years earlier. I remember some jobs not obtaining implemented in all, or a few other just running periodically.

Thinking the job is set up appropriately, can I rely on the Windows XP job scheduler to ALWAYS run this work or is it unstable?

2022-06-07 14:30:58
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It is tough to claim anything "ALWAYS" concerning a computer system, yet I've had usually all the best w/ the XP Task Scheduler (and also the Windows Server matchings). XP, being just one of the NT - dervied OS's, has actually usually been rather secure for me.

I would certainly try.

2022-06-07 14:48:44

I would certainly claim the scheduler itself is trusted as the OS it is working on.

Primarily, I've managed the job scheduler on Server 2000 and also 2003 as opposed to XP yet I can not remember a scheduled task failing for a job that that was connected to a real scheduler breakdown.

If that is the advised arrangement for this software program, I'm certain the supplier has to believe in the XP job Scheduler.

2022-06-07 14:48:40

It relies on the security of the job. I've had it running daily work which end easily, one means or the various other, competing years uncreative. Yet I've additionally seen instances where a work does not end due to the fact that the manuscript hangs. While there is a "kill after X quantity of time" configurable for each and every job, I've seen that fall short.

I've additionally seen fall short scenarios where a job is set up to go for routine periods when the work ran over the moment for the next implementation. Along those very same lines, I had a manuscript run every 5 mins which quized our DNS web servers. The questions ended up in around 20 - 30 secs and also we never ever saw those manuscripts fall short when gone through Task Scheduler.

2022-06-07 14:48:26

I would certainly be inclined to address "yes" yet just as lengthy as you can be certain the equipment will certainly be going for that marked time. If the equipment drops for any kind of factor the scheduled task will certainly not be run when the equipment restarts, ie. The scheduler does not aim to see if any kind of timetables were missed out on.

If it is essential that the job runs see to it that the computer goes to the very least linked into a UPS.

2022-06-07 14:48:15

We have numerous "critical" systems where our suppliers have actually picked to rely on Windows Task Manager. The only troubles I have actually ever before seen would certainly be ; run times missed out on when the equipment is off (it is not a work line up), jobs that fall short merely due to the fact that they were arrangement poorly, the executable or manuscript itself falling short every single time job supervisor calls it and also, the largest trouble of all has actually been, the customer account set for the certain job obtaining shut out for any kind of variety of factors.

To stop the account lockout trouble, I would certainly advise either developing an unique make up the job or a little method I have actually located, if the job does not require network accessibility, you can arrange it to run as System with an empty password.

Ultimately, we check either instantly or by hand all essential jobs. Simply in instance.

You stated this job was for a data source. Is that data source a Microsoft SQL Server? If so, you will certainly intend to check into making use of SQL Server Agent.

2022-06-07 14:47:11

I've had all the best with the scheduler itself running effectively, though I've seen jobs fall short with no clear sign as a result of points like approvals concerns.

I would certainly recommend constructing some debug or alert code right into the manuscript that in fact runs the job. In this way you can passively check the manuscript when it is new and also periodically check it as your self-confidence in its integrity expands.

2022-06-07 14:47:06

I've never ever had concerns with the job scheduler, nonetheless if the workstation is switched off, the application will not run (clearly).

If you are doing data source degree jobs, the majority of RDBMS is will certainly permit you to set up a query/task to go for the DBMS degree to remove dependence on 3rd party jobs. This could be a more secure method, if it is sensible (very same point looks for running a cron work).

2022-06-07 14:46:42

I was checking out the net a couple of months ago concerning this sort of concern, and also my scrounging around thought of a clear "No" to your inquiry.

2022-06-07 14:46:17