Mach Kernel vs. XNU

When I ran $ls on my origin directory site a documents /mach_kernel was located. I'm thinking this is the OSX kernel. I constantly assumed that OSX made use of the XNU crossbreed kernel, so why is this documents called "MACH"? I'm running Lion.

2022-06-07 14:31:00
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The documents is called/ mach_kernel for historical factors ; XNU is, without a doubt a crossbreed of Mach and also a BSD layer (neglect Wikipeida, there is which appears extra clear-cut).

In reality, this kernel isn't the specific photo which obtains crammed - there is a pre connected kernel cache (with all the essential kexts) in/ System/Library/Caches/ Startup.

2022-06-10 12:15:20

Based on what the Wikipedia page on XNU claims, XNU is based upon Mach. Given that OS X began making use of the Mach kernel and also currently makes use of a by-product of it, they possibly simply maintained the kernel is documents name the very same so they really did not need to fine-tune firmware throughout upgrades or with new equipment launches.

2022-06-07 14:48:37