Boot in rescue mode with vlan support in RHEL

I am attempting to recover RHEL OS (5.3.1 .1) from network, where we have actually VLANs set up on our buttons. So the only means to reach common folder on remote web server with backup photo is to set up VLAN.

I started an equipment with Red Hat Recovery CD and also ran linux rescue. Yet in this setting there is no VLAN assistance. No documents under /proc/net/vlan/config and also there is no component filled (lsmod|grep 802 offers absolutely nothing).

Exists a means too from CD/DVD with 8021q assistance? modprobe 8021q in a normal linux rescue setting offers mistake as a result of missing out on folders with modules.dep. ยข On main internet site I located some details that we can add even more keys after linux rescue command in order to include assistance of various other points.

Does any person recognizes just how to make linux rescue boot with VLAN assistance (8021q)?

2022-06-07 14:31:08
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You can boot a CentOS live - cd rather.

An additional suggestion (I did not attempt that) would certainly be too from a various distribution`s rescue - cd (OpenSuSE?)

2022-06-07 16:14:08