How to copy a DVD on Mac

Is there any kind of software program (recommended free) which permits me to replicate a DVD (Disk to Disk duplicate)?

I have actually mounted Burn, yet it does not appear to allow me do what I require.

2022-06-07 14:31:14
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Answers: 2

It really depends what you are trying to do, Toast is the Daddy here but it's not free or particularly cheap.

If you are trying to copy a film, you need either Fairmount or Mac the Ripper (NB MTR is no longer developed and requires Rosetta to run on Snow Leopard) or the commercial Ripit (approx $20). You can also use handbrake for direct to device ripping.

There is also Liquid CD another free DVD programme.

2022-07-09 22:29:22

You can make use of the constructed in disk energy to create and also melt photos.

There are numerous overviews on-line concerning this yet this set has images!

2022-06-07 14:53:41