How to add a custom keyboard shortcut for a nested menu item?

This has actually been badgering me for a pair years currently. So in Mac OS X you can assign your very own Keyboard Shortcuts (in System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts) by keying in the specific name of the food selection thing to which you plan to bind the keystrokes. So what are you intended to type if:

a) the food selection is nested?


b) there are 2 food selection things with the very same name that do various points?

FYI: the certain factor I'm seeking this atm machine is due to the fact that I desire a fast means to show/hide the book mark bar in Firefox (eg: as opposed to pushing the jelly bean in the leading right of the screen). I'm making use of a tiny display so it would certainly be hassle-free.

2022-06-07 14:31:23
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There is a well-known bug with Firefox for Mac not complying with faster ways. There is even more conversation in a different question on SuperUser.

2022-06-07 18:02:11

I would certainly advise making use of Spark in addition to AppleScript, given that AppleScript can regulate Finder.

Flicker is an effective and also very easy faster ways supervisor. With Spark you can create Hot Keys to release applications and also records, execute AppleScripts , command iTunes, and also even more

2022-06-07 14:53:00