How to prevent cron from spamming syslog?

I have a cronjob that needs to be run every min. And also every min cron add a new line right into syslog concerning that. Just how can I subdue this actions?

2022-06-07 14:31:32
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First, backup syslog.conf:

sudo cp /etc/syslog.conf /etc/syslog.conf.backup

Then, open syslog.conf in your editor of selection, and also transform this:

*.*;auth,authpriv.none          -/var/log/syslog

to this:

*.*;auth,authpriv.none,cron.none          -/var/log/syslog

although the caution is that you can not examine if your work is running.

2022-06-07 14:48:23

redirect typical result right into/ dev/null, while if you going get a mistake you'll receive an email concerning it: ΒΆΒΆ > /dev/null 2>&1
2022-06-07 14:48:10