How can I set an animated background?

I desire a computer animated desktop computer wallpaper on Ubuntu. As an example, the computer animated Enlightenment history.

Just how does one attain this?

2022-06-07 14:31:37
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You can make use of A - Desk, this is a manuscript that permits you to make use of video clip documents as a wallpaper. Below is a link to my write-up concerning mounting a - workdesk 0.17 on Ubuntu 10.10.

Install a-desk 0.17 on Ubuntu 10.10

There is a new variation of A - Desk (0.18) yet mounting it functions the very same.

The trouble with A - Desk is that all the download web links for it fall short nowadays.

2022-06-08 03:02:38

I have actually seen 2 histories that are computer animated and also there is a plan called xplanet for among them inside USC. This website is where it originates from.

It is an image of the planet and also moon switching and also looks definitely impressive.


Unfortunately I can not get this to operate in 11.04.

There is additionally one with real time sunlight. A PPA to install it can be located here


2022-06-07 14:48:30