trouble installing snow leopard

My optical drive is no more functioning and also I'm having problem upgrading from leopard to snow leopard I obtained this message when I attempted to install

"To install Mac OS X, make use of Disk energy to melt this disk photo to a DVD and also run this application again"

I've attempted making use of disc energy to replicate a photo of the disk and also placing and also to attempt to fool my mac to assuming its a disk, after that attempted restarting the mac while holding back the alternative switch yet just the hard drive shows up.

Does any person else have any kind of pointers?

Exists some sort of command that can make my computer system identify it as a disk?

I have actually additionally attempted making use of remote disk from my sis macbook pro to install the software program that had currently had a disk photo replicated & melted to a disk.

2022-06-07 14:31:42
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Answers: 2

You require to recover Snow Leopard photo in Disk Utility to GUID separated drive or flash stick. Just afterwards it will certainly be feasible too from it.

2022-06-07 14:49:22

If you are simply attempting too from a disk photo documents of the Snow Leopard install DVD, that is not mosting likely to function.

You are mosting likely to require to make a new vacant dividing on your mac or on a boot - able exterior drive, eg a USB thumb drive, etc.

  1. Usage disk energy and also see to it that the new dividing you make has a GUID dividing motif
  2. Once you have actually that set up currently you can recover the Snow Leopard disk photo documents to that new vacant drive dividing making use of disk energy

The Snow leopard install dividing needs to be a boot - able start up alternative after executing the coming before.

2022-06-07 14:49:11