Shortcut to move windows between Mission Control spaces?

I can switch over to an additional desktop computer by pushing CTRL - RIGHT or CTRL - LEFT. Can I additionally in some way take the energetic window with me to the new energetic desktop computer (comparable to Ubuntu/Unity)?

2022-06-07 14:31:57
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Options given by OSX

  1. Using your computer mouse, click and also hold the window you intend to relocate to an additional Space
  2. a) While still holding your computer mouse switch down, utilize your Spaces keyboard faster way to relocate to the wanted Space. (default: ctrl+/ )

    b) Drag the window to the side of the screen. Wait a 2nd or 2 and also the window will certainly be dragged right into the next room.

    You can transform the hold-up prior to the OS switches over rooms making use of (below 2 secs)

     defaults write workspaces-edge-delay -float 2.0; killall Dock;

Third - event remedies

  • SizeUp (endless free test readily available)

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